Broadband LTE private network 1400M RRU
Based on B-Trunc standard, 4T4R RRU of broadband TrunC adopts self-developed DPD algorithm and high-efficiency power amplifier technology, and supports time-slot power saving, voltage saving and power saving and other functions to reduce power consumption, which effectively reduces energy consumption and TCO of equipment.
Product details
Frequency Band:                1447MHz - 1467MHz
RF Power:                          4 X 20W 
Model/Carrier Bandwidth:    TDD-LTE /  20M/10M
Carrier quantity:                 1*20M LTE Carrier/Pass
Volume:                            340mm*300mm*107mm=11.2L
Weight:                            12Kg
Power supply:                   DC - 48V 
Interface:                         Fiber/CPRI
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